Bay County Film Industry is making a splash with one YouTube star coming into town this week

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 10:42 PM CDT
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PANAMA CITY BEACH, Fla. (WJHG/WECP) - The film industry is making a splash in Bay County.

“We looked at Panama City Beach it is beautiful the water is crystal clear, and they know how to party a lot. There is a lot of stuff lost in this area and it’s the ultimate spot for us to come out and just stick our heads in the water and see what we can find,” said Brandon Jordan, the YouTube star, ‘Jiggin With Jordan.’

Brandon Jordan calls himself an urban treasure hunter. He has a show on YouTube called ‘Jiggin With Jordan’ where he dives in the waters, finds some cool stuff, and returns items he found to their rightful owners.

Jordan says when they’re looking for their next dive spot it’s all about hotspots where people visit and travel, as well as party.

He is partnering with the weather channel to create this series.

Jordan never imagined his college class project with his friends would turn into something this big.

“7 years later here we are we’re all making a living sharing our stories on the internet and diving and returning lost items,” said Jordan.

He’ll be visiting a lot of places in our area.

“Hot spots already. one of them is Shell Island, we also going to search the bay area pretty hard and then you guys have some springs that I’m excited to see. I’ve never been to those springs, and I love the Florida springs, we’re going to dive around and see,” said Jordan.

Brandon has a massive following, with 3.2 million YouTube followers.

Julie Gordon Bay County film commissioner says that audience will attract people to the beaches.

Gordon says the film and television industry is booming here.

“A lot of production companies are building their producing house here because they’re not one anywhere in the southeast so instead of renting from Alabama or Atlanta or Orlando, now some of our guys have it,” said Julie Gordon, Bay County Film Commissioner. “We’re becoming our own little south Hollywood.”

It is going to feel like Hollywood this week in Panama City Beach with film crews out and about filming the series.

“Whether it something that belonged to someone, or a 100 different glass bottles when people are out having a good time partying the undertone of what we do is cleaning up our waterways,” said Jordan.

He claimed they have found millions of dollars of items and tons of thousands of pounds of trash on their dives. This weather channel series will air in June.