Medical Monday: Staying in Shape while at home

Published: Mar. 23, 2020 at 11:17 AM CDT
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With many athletics programs on hold, many athletes are finding ways to stay in shape at home. In this week's Medical Monday segment, we spoke to a local athletic trainer to discuss ways to avoid injuries during off time.

Athletic trainer, Ray Morris with Gulf Coast Regional Medical Center says the biggest thing you can do at home, is just to get up and move around. Morris says to get outside, try to do a simple workout in your backyard or go on a walk. You can also use household items as weights when working out.

"Everybody has a bottle of water right now. If you have a jug, fill it up, use it as a weight, you can do your curls, your triceps," Morris said. "You can do kettle bell workouts with a gallon jug water. for smaller people, you can use can goods, pick up a can and use it as a weight."

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